How It Works

"Any fool can know. The point is to understand" -Albert Einstein

This is your business

Chances are that you have progressed your career by being an exceptional sales performer. You know what a client wants, and you know how to deliver a solid service. Fixing the inevitable issues along the way is all a walk in the park. You have the day job nailed.

Going it alone is an exciting thought. Your own boss, multiply your income several times with a few years, and more time for family and enjoying life

The skill gap is likely to be admin, finance, law and the many things that keep a business ticking. And we would agree with you. It can be challenging to keep up with all of the demands running a business presents. You can quickly end up spending a lot of time chasing clients, solving admin problems. Before you know it, you day is 75% Excel and 25% recruitment and your billing is through the floor.

With our model you own your own business, it is your name above the door and if you do not bill, there are zero costs incurred. We take care of the admin, accountancy, payroll, credit control, advertising and much more.

Your Investment

You will be investing your time, expertise and leaving your current employment to pursue the ultimate dream. There will be blood, sweat and tears in the early days. Success is not based on the hours you put it - it is based on your willingness to speak to clients, meet clients and register candidates.

Your Risk

There is no financial risk to you with our model. We will fund your start-up for a fixed period whilst you get into profit. If your business is not successful you are not liable to repay a single penny. We choose our partners carefully and enjoy a high success rate.

This is not to say there is zero risk. When you start your own business there is an element of risk, and this is always shared between the partners, shareholders and investors. Whilst you will have no financial risk, without hard work, dedication and a willingness to bill - the business will fail. The biggest risk is to your pride

All Inclusive Services



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