What are we looking for?

Please have a look at our criteria

If you have 2 years (or more) experience - then we are off to a great start

After a couple of years in the industry you are aware of the day to day routines that are needed to be successful. You have been exposed to basic financial concepts and possess a broad range of recruitment skills.

  • 2 years Experience
  • Understand key daily activites
  • Basic knowledge of financial concepts

When you start your own business the life blood is sales.

We are looking for business owners who understand that the most important element is sales activity. This could be phone calls, meetings, emails, promotional events or knocking on doors. The best methods vary by sector and we can help and assist with planning and strategy. You are the one who needs to execute the sales plan to grow your business.

  • Sales Focus
  • Comfortable setting and achieving targets
  • Knowledge of the sales process

“A man’s worth is no greater than the worth of his ambitions” – Marcus Aurelius

You have to want this. And you have to know why you want this. Being a business owner is the most rewarding thing in the world, yet there are of course challenges.

When you are having a bad day, it is ambition that lifts up your head, makes you focus on WHY this is important and keeps you pointing in the right direction.

We will be by your side in the bad times, cheering you up, reminding you of WHY you decided to change your life - but the AMBITION has to be all yours.

You will need to be able to travel to meetings, visit clients at short notice and generally get yourself out and about

To that end you will need reliable transport that gets you in front of the customers. If you do not have reliable transport then focus on addressing this before you get in touch with us.

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