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Your Business - Our Expertise

Our world is changing. The traditional office is dead and traditonal business models are dying. Utilising modern technologies YOU have the power to earn more money, with less time invested.

Recent events have only underlined that working from home is profitable and allows a much better work life balance. You really can earn more money, own your own business and have a better quality of life

There has been no better time to start your own recruitment business. With your recruitment skillset and our infrastructure expertise you will have a significant advantage over your competitors.

With our model you own your own business, it is your name above the door and if you do not bill, there are zero costs incurred.

Is this the opportunity you have been waiting for?


Your Business

You will own your business

Free Support & Mentorship

We have been where you are. We will be by your side

Admin? What Admin

We take care of the paperwork so you can focus on your business

Electronic Filing

Fully transparent paper trail, all online and available 24/7

Regular Board Meetings

Keeping each other on our toes for maximum efficency

Planning, Strategy and Exit Plans

Quarterly planning sessions to realise your vision


The tools you need, when you need them

Our Reach

We can support you doing business in multiple verticle markets

Zero Financial Investment Required

We will support your start-up phase at our risk

Application Process

You are already experiencing stage one of our application process. This website is packed with key information that will help you make an informed choice on your own future.

1. Phone screening

2. Initial meeting

3. Planning meeting

4. Business Launch

How it works

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